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Amber-Jo Bowman, a captivating Canadian country singer-songwriter from a small
town north of Toronto, ON, unfolds her musical narrative against the backdrop of a
family farm. This is where her early love for singing, hearing her dad harmonizing along with
the radio, and self-taught guitar sessions took root. Her journey into music began with
the soulful echoes of contemporary church hymns, laying the foundation for Amber-Jo's
evolution into a seasoned artist. Her sweet but powerful vocals, capable of quieting a
room, effortlessly combine country charm with a contemporary edge, resulting in an
authentic signature sound.

As a two-time Top 7 finalist in the Boots and Hearts Emerging Artist Showcase, Amber-
Jo has etched her presence in the country music scene through local showcases and

performances. Recently, she graced the stage at Nashville’s Pitch Meeting with the
phenomenal house band, marking a significant milestone in her flourishing musical
journey. Her finely honed songwriting skills are the result of collaborations with artists
and lyricists across Canada, as well as cross-border songwriting trips in Nashville. Not
to mention her English literature degree, Amber seamlessly weaves storytelling into her
music. At which time while studying, she also met her life partner and college
sweetheart, Zack, a talented drummer from Prince Edward Island, who adds a rhythmic
heartbeat to Amber-Jo's melodies, creating a harmonious partnership both on and off
the stage.

As a deeply emotive artist, Amber-Jo translates profound feelings into music that
resonates with raw emotion and unfiltered honesty. Whether delivering upbeat anthems
or soul-stirring ballads, her songs offer a visceral experience, ensuring listeners not only
hear but also feel the depth of her narrative. Peering into the future, Amber-Jo,
alongside her dedicated team, is poised for an exciting chapter, planning to unveil eight
new songs in 2024. Her commitment to pushing creative boundaries and sharing
narratives that strike a chord with the heart solidifies Amber-Jo Bowman's position as a
distinctive voice in the country music landscape.

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Amber Jo-Bowman : Live Stream Concert

Amber Jo-Bowman : Live Stream Concert

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Late Bloomer - The Barn Sessions: Amber-Jo Bowman

Late Bloomer - The Barn Sessions: Amber-Jo Bowman

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Toronto Ontario


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